patio and balcony awnings

A fully concealed stylishly cassette housing provides all year round protection to the awnings mechanism, arms and fabric for many years of trouble free operation. The well shaped cassette boxes compliments the aesthetic for any style of architecture.
The markilux 6000 and the markilux 990 awnings have been rewarded with Red Dot Design awards – the ultimate recognition for excellence in product design.
New to the range is the striking markilux MX1 and MX1 compact which adds a new dimension in design and technology to our broad range of cassette awnings.

markilux 990
Markise markilux_990 (Kassettenmarkise) - AMASVISTA Glass

The markilux 990 is practical and strong featuring the markilux bionic tendon. The compact cassette of the 990 screams functionality and elegance and is easy to install at ceilings or walls. Enjoy the versatility of the markilux 990 which is ideally suited to patios and balconies.

markilux 1710
Markise markilux_1710 (offene Gelenkarmmarkise) AMASVISTA Glass

The markilux 1710 awning offers the combination of a slender design with the robust strength of bionic tendon arms. This awning includes a cassette profile to protect the cover. The compact round front profile with integrated gutter and water drainage spouts completes the look.

markilux MX1
Markise markilux_MX1 (Kassettenmarkise) - AMASVISTA Glass

The markilux MX1 is a combination of a protective canopy and awning in one. The stylish and unique designed cassette creates a 62cm permanent canopy when the awning is fully retracted providing extra protection from the elements. The markilux MX1 design is flush mounted, sealing the gap between the awning and the wall.

markilux MX1 compact
Markise markilux_MX1 compact (Kassettenmarkise) - AMASVISTA Glass

The little sister to the markilux MX1, the more compact version of this stylish and unique awning design, when retracted, has a 40cm deep canopy providing extra protection from the elements. The markilux MX1 compact is flush mounted, sealing the gap between the awning and the wall. Also avaible with a motorised shadeplus.

markilux 5010
Markise markilux_5010 (Kassettenmarkise)

Sleek, discreet and very chic. The markilux 5010 cocoon is elegantly designed and robust thanks to its bionic tendon arm. This fully enclosed cassette is stylishly contoured, with the retracted awning fitting neatly into the elliptical cassette profile and is available with Shadeplus. This awning is supremely strong and stable, and is ideally suited to both residential and commercial applications.

markilux 970
Markise markilux_970 (Kassettenmarkise) - AMASVISTA Glass

The markilux 970 has a slim cassette only 140 mm in height and 260 mm in depth. The maximum sizes are 350 cm projection at 500 cm width or 300 cm projection at 600 cm width. The markilux 970 initially extends horizontally before the tilt device dips the awning into its pre-set pitch of between 5 and 30 degrees to the horizontal.

markilux ES1
Markise markilux_ES1 (Kassettenmarkise) - AMASVISTA Glass

Top of the range award-winning awning made from austenitic stainless-steel. The markilux ES1 is a leading example of precision German engineering, displaying the optimum harmony of material, design and function. As flagship of the markilux range, the ES1 is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing and desirable awning on the market.

markilux 6000
Markise markilux 710/810 (Vertikalkassettenmarkise) - AMASVISTA Glass

The markilux 6000 awning packs a mighty punch. Starting with its award winning bionic tendon arm, the strongest arm on the awning market which promises smooth, stealth-like movement and superior strength. Designed down to the last detail, this awning was presented the Red Dot design award in 2006. This awning has a motorisation in standard and remote controlled.

markilux 3300
Markise markilux_3300 (Kassettenmarkise) - AMASVISTA Glass

The robust square cassette markilux 3300 pur has been designed to integrate and flush mount into many façades, providing a clean and unobtrusive appearance as well as a double gutter that allows water to run off to the side both ways when the awning is open and closed. Ideally suited to private patios and balconies as well as outside dining areas for cafés, restaurants and clubs.

markilux MX3
Markise markilux_MX3 (Kassettenmarkise) - AMASVISTA Glass

If you like shapely curves in combination with a straightforward design, you will love the new MX-3 and you can set the tone yourself when it comes to the colour scheme: fully in line with your own preferences, you can achieve minimal architectural impact or be stylishly distinctive.