conservatory awnings

MARKILUX 770_870
If you’re thinking of installing an external conservatory within your outdoor area you want to make sure you choose the best quality awnings and blinds to go on them. Markilux manufacture high quality awnings that are durable and will provide the perfect shading solution to cover you conservatory.

Conservatory awnings can be very elegant and provide a great shelter from the outside elements but just as you want to create protection for your family you also need to protect your conservatory and that’s where Markilux comes in.

There are different awning styles to suit different conservatories, whether big or small. Selecting the right one can also allow you to expand on the shaded area, and with ease of installation you don’t need to worry about any difficulty in attaching an awning to your conservatory.

markilux 779 / 879 tracfix

In 2016 markilux has once again managed to impress with a unique combination
of purist design and ground-breaking technology. With this new underglass awning
you are opting for a better quality of life, that will give you pleasure for many years
to come. Permanently high cover tension is achieved by way of two special gas-piston
mechanisms in the front profile which operate independently of one another.

Markilux 770 / 870 tracfix
MARKILUX 770_870

The economical solution for small areas. The vario-belt tensioning system provides
optimum cover tension up to wind speed (Beaufort) 6. Both this square awning for
instalallation on the glass surface and its round counterpart, the markilux 770 / 870,
are very quiet. Noise optimised retraction gliders ensure low-noise closing action.
This awning is also en economical solution for small areas.

Markilux 8800 / 8800 tracfix

The markilux 8800 / 8800 tracfix is regarded as the best conservatory awning on
the market for its performance, reliability, endurance and ease of installation.
Ideally suited to glass conservatories, pergolas, courtyards, playgrounds, cafes
and restaurants. This awning benefits from the tracfix system reducing any light
or rain gap between the cover and guide tracks.

markilux 8850

This new designer awning combines the features of the markilux 8800 but extends
wider than its guide tracks providing a shading option for bevelled roofs. With
a neat round head-box the markilux 8850 conservatory offers contemporary design
at its functional best. The markilux 8850 also has a very high wind rating making
it a very stable and reliable style.