semi-cassette awnings

Markilux’ superb range of semi-cassette awnings, provide a 3/4 cassette housing which protects the fabric and awning mechanism.
The markilux 1600 model can optionally be equipped with Bionic technology. This model comes with a twin chain as standard. Optionally also available with shadeplus and full automation.

markilux 1600
Markise markilux_1600 (Halbkassettenmarkise) - AMASVISTA Glass

The markilux 1600 is one of the most popular awnings in the markilux range. The brilliant style of this semi-cassette awning has been distinguished with an international iF Product Design Award, recognising its proven technology and superior design. The distinctive ergonomic headbox design encases an extremely strong and sturdy awning that can be as wide as 7.1 metres in a single unit. Also available with shadeplus and full automation.