vertical awnings

The vertical awnings from Markilux protect you, your home and furnishings from the sun and ensure total privacy or a view. All vertical awnings come as standard with an enclosed headbox which protects the fabric when not in use. A wide range of options to guide the fabric are available including a tensioning belt system.
The reliable, sophisticated technology guarantees an installation without problems, the high-quality materials and the workmanship an extra long service life. Many practical details ensure that you always get the Markilux that matches your windows.
markilux 620 / 625 tracfix

This small vertical awning offers ideal protection from the sun! The tracfix
system prevents light gaps between the track and fabric cover. The awning is
fitted as standard with a motor. A radio-controlled motor with remote control
operation can be fitted as optional accessory.

markilux 776 / 876 tracfix
Markise markilux_776/876 tracfix (Vertikalmarkise) - AMASVISTA Glass

The markilux 776 (square box) / 876 (round box) is a genuine designer product
and pleases by virtue of its superior functionality. Permanently high cover
tension is achieved by way of two special gas-piston mechanisms in the front
profile operating independently of one another.

markilux 750 / 850

The stainless steel rod system (the alternative to the traditional guide cable) is
extremely solid and stable, while its design offers style for any home. This model
can suit any window size up to five metres wide and 3,5 m high. Available in a round
(markilux 850) or square (markilux 750) head-box design.

markilux 720 / 820

A strong vertical awning using a track system, it is neatly installed to a home’s
facade. Up to three metres in width, it’s a great choice for shading the exterior
of your home and maintaining privacy. Available in a round (markilux 820) or square
(markilux 720) head-box design.

markilux 710 / 810

With a round (markilux 810) or square (markilux 710) head-box design, this
vertical awning is classic and reliable for cool shade and privacy. Featuring
stainless steel side guide cables, it is low maintenance and corrosion resistant.
The maximum width is 500 cm with a system height of 350 cm.